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Getting your project on an actual server where friends, family and even foes can see is something every developer aims to accomplish, you might even be one of those people that just want to show off your work when you find yourself in the midst of other developers.

Other times it could be a case where you’re working on a project for a client and need to have the work on a server so the client can be up-to-date with your progress on the project, and the said client hasn’t paid you 100% for the project, you’d not want to…

It’s the last day of 2020 and you should be excited, forget the “COVID-19 runined 2020 talk” and really get excited!

Yes it’s been a crazy ride all year 2020 and i say this because i actually spent longer time than i usually do writing my year in review article, i mean at one point i told myself i’d not even get it done and just go the overrideveloper’s route — PS if you haven’t seen overrideveloper 2020 year in review article, you definitely should 😂

This year, I was privileged to have been involved with loads of activities that…

Expo is a really cool tool used in creating mobile and web applications, this tool comes pre-built with amazing API's that makes development way too easy.

When building with Expo the need to set up Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) becomes visible especially when working on a large project with other team members, setting up CI/CD help you build and deploy applications with ease and confidence and most especially allow you focus on what matters most which is writing code!

Setting up CI/CD help in automating your workflow and this becomes very handy in the long run but…

Jest is a cool package that helps in writing tests for javascript applications, in react native CLI, jest comes by default but in expo, it’s not so, you’d have to install it, so in this one, I’ll be showing you how to set up Jest in your expo applications.

Let’s Begin

First, you’ll have to add jest to your project, to do this run;

yarn add jest-expo --dev #ornpm i jest-expo --save-dev 

Then we need to add/update our package.json to include:

"scripts": {
"test": "jest"
"jest": {
"preset": "jest-expo"

Next, we need to add react-test-renderer to our project:

React Native indeed has come a long way, looking back it is insane the level of growth react native has reached over the years, as a community and a library. We can not but note these growths as react-native has now come to be that buzz lightyear, ready to go To Infinity And Beyond.

So we now invite you to our One-day conference which comes packed with awesome talks on react native!

Please don't forget to register >>…

It’s no doubts there are loads of tools that basically make our lives easy as developer or engineer, and it’s normal, I mean their billions of awesome developers all over the world that put in the work and never stop creating, and trying to make development even a bit much better with more tools and service, be it in DevOps, frontend, backend tools or service, you could actually testify of a beautiful tool or service you use now that makes life easier for you.

If you’re like me that has a little bit of backend knowledge, you’ll immediately understand the…

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What is SSL and why do I need it? why does everyone I talk to about my site tell me to install an SSL?

When I got a hang of building web applications way back when I started learning software development, I had no idea why I needed an SSL on my site talk more of how to install it but the facts still stands, for anyone to come close to believing your site is secured, you must have an SSL on your site, or in other words that little padlock 🔐 at the side of the browser tab must…

Hey 👋

For a lot of you who don’t know, React Native is a beautiful JavaScript library for building user interfaces, cross-platform mobile applications. Over the years after it’s release, React Native has seen numerous growth in a very short amount of time all over the world.

React Native Nigeria is a community which started in Abuja on January 2019, with aims to improve the quality of any developer also striving to ease the learning process for any newbie across Nigeria and one day the world 🌍

Close your eyes and try to look back to when you first started…

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It’s the last day of 2019 and you should be excited, forget the “it’s just another year talk” and really get excited!

The year 2019 really came with loads of opportunities, advancement and also personal achievements, for me, it was really a beautiful year, but the year has come and it’s almost gone and just looking back on the year I'm just filled with gratitude! honestly, I’ve been through a whole lot, but remember if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

This year, I was privileged to have been involved with loads of activities that involved writing…

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From driving your car from your mobile phone to closing a chrome browser tab with your mind! you need no other proof to realize that the golden future we’re envisioning is here and you have to take the time to understand tech and how these crazy inventions work!

Yes, the journey is long, there’s no doubt about that but let’s not forget the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that step is just a decision away from you agreeing to commit (get it?)

So in this article, I'd be sharing with you how you could…

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